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Cook Street Denture Clinic provides an array of denture services including denture repairs, denture relines/rebases, and more.

Complete Dentures

Cook St. Denture Clinic provides quality full dentures to our patients. We ensure quality and satisfaction by consulting with you about the process in designing accurate dentures. We take into account your expectations, esthetics, lifestyle issues and the most recent developments in technology advances. We will then take the time to explain and recommend the best and most appropriate solutions.

It is important to continue having regular checkups so that a denturist can examine oral tissues for signs of abnormalities. As you age, your mouth will continue to change as the bone under your dentures shrinks or recedes your dentures may need to be adjusted.

Immediate Dentures

An Immediate Denture is placed in the mouth immediately after the extraction of the teeth. For many people, having to go without teeth while the gums heal is too much. Immediate dentures are for those people.

It is important to note, though, after a few months your gums will change drastically. This is known as gum resorption. Most patients will require relines within a few months, to restore the fit of their dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and can be constructed out of a combination of metal and acrylic, or completely out of acrylic.

A Cast Frame Partial is made with a metal framework on which artificial teeth are attached. The clasps of the frame grip onto the remaining dentition.

Acrylic Partials do not have a metal framework. They gain retention by simply wedging between the space and the remaining natural teeth.

Same Day Relines & Rebases

Relines takes a new impression taken of your gums, then the Denturist uses that impression as a working model, adding high strength acrylic to reconstruct your denture to the new fit creating a proper fitting denture.

Rebases are the same procedure as relines. The difference with rebasing is that the Denturist replaces all of the old pink acrylic base material with new high strength acrylic. Essentially you are getting a new fit with new acrylic, but with your existing teeth.

Permanent Soft Liners

Molloplast-B soft liner is a permanently soft silicone material which can be added during the construction of your new denture or during the reline or rebase of an existing denture. It is a highly elastic material which forms a bond with the acrylic base. The benefit of the soft liner is that it flexes and moulds to the gums, and it distributes pressure over the surface of the denture, reducing pressure point sore spots. This affords the patient greater comfort and security with their denture.

Denture Over Implants

Overdentures` are made to fit over dental implants. An implant-supported denture provides the greatest security, as the denture snaps onto titanium implant studs, which are surgically inserted into your existing jawbone.

Please ask the Denturist for more information regarding implants and their benefits.

Same Day Repairs

Should you run into a problem with your denture, we can usually repair it that day and often repair the denture while you wait.

Referrals To Dentist

We have established a very good working relationship with numerous dentists in Victoria and can refer you to one of them, if you don`t already have your own, for any work needed on your natural teeth previously to proceeding with your denture work or for the placement of dental impants

House & Hospital Calls

We have been performing House / Hospital calls since we first opened in 1986. We offer this service to patients with mobility issues who find it difficult to travel to appointments, we find it much easier and more relaxing for the patient. It makes getting dentures less stressful because they dont have to worry about getting to and from appointments.

Referrals To Oral Surgeon

We have established a very good working relationship with two oral surgeons in Victoria. We can refer you directly to them for any possible extractions of existing natural teeth before we proceed with your denture work.

Proform Mouthguards (for sports)

ProForm sports mouthguards reduce the incidence of tooth breakage by distributing the stress of impact to the entire length of the tooth. This feature is provided by a double layer of laminated sheet vinyl with a lingual plate imbedded behind the incisors. Tensile strength, softness, compression percentage and uniform density are all important characteristics of mouthguard materials.

ProForm maintains these characteristics using a heat/pressure laminating process. Tensile strength of the laminate is excellent due to the laminates two layers of materials making up the mouthguard. Density is maintained at the pressure laminating process so shrinkage of the mouthguard is uniformly controlled.

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